Monday, February 7, 2011

My legs, they be creaky

I've got old hamstrings in a young hamstrings game. But I do love training for a marathon. And I'm crazy for a finish line.

This year Papa Dog, training through an IT Band injury, poor thing, and I are going to try to raise some dollars and cents as we gear up for the Austin Marathon on February 20th. We were inspired, as in all things, by the Lion Heart over at The Eyes of my Eyes. Any money raised on behalf of our run will go to Ethiopia Reads, the blanket nonprofit supporting the Tesfa school.

If you can, please consider contributing whatever feels right and comfortable. (Oh hell, even if it hurts a little.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Somebody come over and brush my teeth for me

The child is asleep, the old man is walking the dog, the snow has melted in Texas. There is so much I should be doing right now--I should be transcribing interviews, I should be braving the underside of the bath mat, I should be drinking water. Tim has the Social Network queued up but I think I won't join him on the sofa. Great movie, and yet I felt queasy with tension throughout the first viewing. (Harvard Girls, you get your asses down from that table and go back to your dorm rooms right now. Or at least go out to a gay club where the men know how to dance nice with a lady.) Instead perhaps I'll jigger up my Kindle and get back to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in which the author repeatedly tells me that 46% of the women in Sweden have been subjected to violence by a man.

Ava Bekelech is over two and a half years old. How did that happen? How do I suddenly have a child old enough to yell "No ma'am!" when she finds the dog eating cat food? Oh Ava, do stay a tough cookie your whole life.