Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to Utopia, Greetings from Bozo Town

My life got very happy and very messy and very full in the last year. The day before we left for Ethiopia to meet our daughter my book editor sent me back the edit of my first book. Excellent timing Obi Wan! When we returned I would scrabble away at the manuscript while darling Ava went down for her little cat naps. It was a long summer, but the work was rich. Ava has been home for a year and she jumps higher and twirls harder and laughs bigger and kisses softer than anyone I know.

My book WELCOME TO UTOPIA: NOTES FROM A SMALL TOWN is now available in bookstores and on Amazon. On the off chance that anyone out there has time for reading this summer (ha!) here is a trailer for the book, shot by the one true Papa Dog.

Annnnnnnd.... here is the unfortunate blooper reel from said trailer. Oh lord, I'm hopeless.

Utopia Video Blooper Reel from tim on Vimeo.